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NEORSD Renewable Energy Facility
NEORSD Renewable Energy Facility

NEORSD Renewable Energy Facility

The Renewable Energy Facility (REF) is a complex facility built to replace the Southerly Treatment Plant’s existing biosolids dewatering, handling, incineration, and malodorous gas treatment systems. New state-of-the-art technologies were implemented that reduced external fuel consumption and emissions and lowered operating costs while continuing safe and effective remediation and disposal of biosolids.

The new facility included a modern and reliable approach to biosolids dewatering, handling, malodorous air capture and treatment, and biosolids disposal by incineration. The new incineration process involves autotrophic heating, which means that the process will no longer require natural gas to be burned to create enough heat to incinerate the biosolids – the energy in the biosolids itself keeps the process running. This greatly reduces the amount of natural gas consumed by NEORSD at the Southerly Treatment Plant (overall reduction in use of approximately 2.5 million cubic feet per year of natural gas), and helps reduce operating costs.

In addition, waste heat from the incineration process is recovered, and used to generate electricity via a steam turbine generator. This helps to reduce the external energy consumed by the facility and also reduce operating costs.

This project was completed in 2013, and is LEED Gold certified. The steel and masonry structure has a footprint of approximately 53,000 SF and a height above grade of 60 FT. Site work included concrete and porous paver drives and bio swales to assist with rainwater retention, infiltration and sediment removal. A cistern system captures and facilitates the reuse of gray water for use in the lavatories. The total project cost was $150 Million.

GSI provided a Project Engineer supervising three inspectors and a Project Controls Administrator responsible for document management.


Cleveland, OH

Project Cost

$150 Million

Delivery Method

Construction Management

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Inspections
  • Project Controls Administration

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Owner and Client

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District