Step Feed Phase II - Water & Wastewater

Step Feed Phase II
Step Feed Phase II
Step Feed Phase II
Step Feed Phase II

Step Feed Phase II

The City of Akron intends to upgrade the WRF to achieve a minimum secondary treatment capacity of 170 million gallons per day (“MGD”), including:

  • Modify the final settling tanks for secondary treatment trains 1 through 4 to include a step feed mode
  • Refurbish 18 circular final settling tanks with new sludge collection equipment
  • Construction of new hydraulic conduits and scum channels.
  • Refurbish 6 secondary aeration basins with new gates, piping and diffuser systems
  • Refurbish RAS screw pumping station pumps and buildings
  • Replace existing process water valves and flow meters
  • Refurbish HVAC, electrical, lighting, and replace roof on Aeration Gallery

This project is being performed for the City of Akron at a cost of $50,000,000. GSI is the lead for the City of Akron. As their owner representative, GSI manages and administers the construction contract and coordinates with key personnel for the project from the City, contractors, and other stakeholders. GSI conducts all preconstruction, progress, and coordination meetings along with distributing minutes to all parties. As the lead construction manager on the WRF project, GSI’s responsibilities include the following: inspections, reviewing project schedules, evaluating project budget, and enforcing safety standards. Throughout the construction phase, the construction manager along with his inspection team ensures submittals, change orders, and pay applications are within the contract requirements.


Akron, OH

Project Cost

$50 Million

Delivery Method

Owner Representative

Services Provided

  • Inspections
  • Scheduling
  • Budget Evaluation
  • Safety Standards

Year Completed


Owner and Client

City of Akron